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Now that’s an excellent story. I wish I could find a spot that sold them for four bucks a pop.

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Anytime a locomotive consist is readied and offered for service there is a checklist of required supplies.  These requirements vary from railroad to railroad and have evolved over a period of time.  In the early 70s Pegram Shop was still in business and dispatching locomotives for the passenger trains.  One of the required items on each consist was a red globe kerosene lantern.   At that time I was recently hired and working there and decided that I needed one.  I found out that these lanterns were supplied and purchased from The Noland Company.  Noland was a hardware and industrial supply company.  Southern did a lot of business with these people over the years.  One day I had the opportunity to go to their place of business with the intent of purchasing one.  The salesman led me to a room where there was a huge pile of these lanterns.  He told me to take my pick and I bought one.  For $4.00.  I still have this.  It is my only Southern lantern.  Somewhere I still have my receipt. 

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Lamp oil is the way to go. 

Do you have a pic of the lantern?

Todd P

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What model and make is it?

I use regular lamp oil in my lanterns, not kerosene.  

Scott Chatfield

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I was lucky enough to buy a Southern Lantern which appears to have never been used (maybe it is a reproduction?) and would like to light it.

It is stamped with "Use Only Long Lasting Oil".

What is the correct fuel to use?  I was thinking kerosene but now not so sure.


Allen Cain

Allen Cain
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