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Kevin Centers


Good guesses on the abbreviations. You’re correct. 


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We currently have an ongoing 3-part series in Ties about this fascinating and historic line.
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HI folks


So, is it correct that this line was built on the 1870s & 1880s?


In the summary regarding pipe culverts, “L J & CIP” – is that Lock Joint and Cast Iron Pipe? 


Is “VCP” vitrified clay pipe?


It is interesting reading considering the lack of heavy equipment at the time.  Old mule drawn draw scrapers would be HARD to pull…!  As noted, haul distances would be SHORT.  Pans would have been ideal in this type of material, and haul distances much more economical, but would have seemed like something from the “great beyond” to those folks at the time.


Thanks for sharing




John R Stewart






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