locked Re: Drawing and Maps in the SRHA Archives

George Eichelberger


Rick Bell does most of our large (!) scanning on our 42" machine. Large drawings, sometime is very poor condition, take a lot of work so we always have blueprints and drawings unscanned in files where most of the regular letter size docs have been scanned. The largest scan we have ever made was a linen of John Sevier yard that was 26 feet long! Needless to say, big drawings require multiple people.

If anyone has blueprints or any large drawing, they can bring it to an archives work session to be scanned...if time permits. If it is a Southern, L&N or Central of Georgia drawing and you want to put it in the archives, you are welcome to take a digital version. If you just want to make a scan but not donate the drawing, you'll need to leave a digital version. If you do not want to leave the original(s) but want to scan more than a small number, you need to be a SRHA member and/or make a cash donation to the archives.

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