locked Re: Drawing and Maps in the SRHA Archives


It downloaded fine here as well. I've seen either this drawing or a similar one to it previously. The development of McClean Avenue Yard, which was later removed to make way for Cincinnati Union Terminal...and then Gest Street Yard was created is something I'm working on actively. Of course, once CUT's concourse was demolished, Southern Railway purchased that property to create the pig yard still in use today. That actually could be a series of articles. It's a lot of change to cover. The creation of McClean Yard is quite the tale all by itself!

Here is a scan of a print donated by Lee Vaughn of the creation of Gest Street Yard on Nov 20 1930, looking north. All that fresh earth came from Bald Knob, which is in the background in this photo. Two steam shovels that were once used to build the Panama Canal took the entire top of Bald Knob off to create all the fill necessary to build Cincinnati  Union Terminal.

And when it comes to large document scanning, I'm working on a plan to have all the Cincinnati Railroad Club oversize drawings scanned more locally. We've got more than 1,000 of them (basically one of the only complete CUT diagram sets in existence). 


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