locked Re: Drawing and Maps in the SRHA Archives



I just did a quick review of Carl Condit's excellent book "The Railroad and The City," which has a whole chapter on the attempts to build a union station with the serious attempts starting in 1901, and of course the plan that was actually adopted not happening until Cincinnati Union Terminal was created in the 1920s. I don't see this plan mentioned in his excellent book, which covers multiple locations, designs and artistic renderings of what the proposed station would look like. 

If those plans do exist, and I'm not saying they don't, then I have not seen them for that location (yet). I'll ask around on this though, as we have others who know CUTs development better than I do. I have a lot of valuation maps and drawings with proposals for where this station would have been built (many done around the time period of this letter). This is fascinating. There were so many plans that just were not acted upon. It's possible something like that resides in our club's holdings (and it just hasn't been indexed).

Maybe the club will be in a position in a year or to offer something if SRHA wanted to do another Cincinnati convention again, but right now whether the club will go back to Tower A in CUT or do something else remains in question. Really, it is THE QUESTION.

I was in college when the Erlanger depot was restored. I took some pictures of it being repainted into the current colors. What happens to that depot's interior is now an interesting question as the mayor has a plan to remodel the depot and remove the local historical society from the depot. So, that bears watching too. It's a city-owned depot now in a city-owned park with a view of the railroad. I'm sure the depot itself will stand for a long time, but how the city will use it is now in question. It has been a community museum with lots of Southern Railway railroadiana up until now. Perhaps some of that will stay in there. It should.



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