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Ed Burnett

This is new to me also, but I appreciate that Mr. Harrison underlined the word "type". Indicating that "Santa Fe" was already the accepted name for that wheel arrangement and, maybe, implying that "E.H.C." should have known that! -Ed Burnett, Lynchburg, Virginia

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I hadn't heard of this, either, but you'll notice that Fairfax Harrison pretty well nixed the idea.
Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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No Sir, I have not heard that one.  I won't swear to it but I'm almost certain that it's not in Prince's book or Ranks and Lowe either. 

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From the SRHA archives (Box 338 File 8778 USRA equipment), here are two teletype messages from 8-17-1917. I don’t think I have heard this tidbit before?

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