locked Re: Southern box car preference, circa 1918

George Eichelberger


I agree “different” was always the Southern way. Watching every penny and adhering to accounting policies always served the company well.

Conventional wisdom explaining why the Southern kept 40-T 36ft box cars in service so long is typically that Fairfield Harrison simply did not like change or spending money. It may be that SR management knew their territory so well, their financial decisions followed.

When the Southern started buying all steel box cars in 1938, it was a recognition its rolling stock was antiquated but it also took advantage of RFC loans to buy them.


On Apr 13, 2021, at 1:30 PM, Tim <tarumph@...> wrote:

This is very interesting and is indicative of the long history of Southern doing its own thing for its own reasons.

When I'm on other lists here at groups.io and mention the practices on my layout, I also preface it with, "This is the Southern Ry., so it's different than everybody else."

Tim Rumph
Lancaster, SC

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