locked Re: Southern box car preference, circa 1918

D. Scott Chatfield

Ike, the letter shows that the problem of cube vs tare is not a new one.  Truckers for years have begged for ever longer trailers because so many of their loads cube out before reaching the weight limit.  Then they beg for a higher weight limit.....

The letter also sheds light on the reason why tonnage numbers from back then don't seem to add up to our modern minds.  And by modern I mean post-1960.  We're used to many of our loads being darn close to the cars' load limits, because the cars were designed that way.  It wasn't always so.  "Here's a boxcar.  Fill it.  Or don't."

And I must again please ask list members to pay attention to how their email program handles attachments when they reply to an email.  Ike's email was nearly 1 MB.  Now we at least four replys containing Ike's original.  A 5 MB hit to our storage limit.  Storage space in Groups.io is not infinite and not free.

I know some email programs just resend the attachments and you have no way to stop them.  That's because too many programmers are idiots who write code that they never use.  Until it becomes legal to throw them into live volcanos it is a problem that will be tough to solve.  Your vigilance will be necessary.

Thank you.  I'll step down from my soapbox.

Please keep uncovering wonderful nuggets from the past Ike.  I've learned a lot about the Southern.

Scott Chatfield

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