locked Need Help With Images for 2021-3 TIES

Bill Schafer

I'm trying to wrap up 2021-3 TIES - its deadline is April 25, and I don't have many (or any) images for the time period covered by the 3rd installment (1935-1950) of our Akron Branch series. If anyone can help with images of trains and structures on the Akron Branch (Selma-Marion Junction-Akron) in that time period, I'd be grateful. Heck, I'll take anything on the Mobile Division south of Selma. I'd especially like to see diesels on the Mobile Division 1946-1965, if possible. 

The main feature in 2021-3 TIES will be on the Chattanooga Traction Co 1913-1934. I could use photos of the CT's electric freight motors (they had at least one steeplecab, and may also have performed freight work with an electric box-express unit), and images of passenger cars in downtown Chattanooga or on the Market Street Bridge. I think I have exhausted the on-line sources, so what I'm looking for is a scan of an image you might have at home. 

Thanks in advance for your help - please reply to editor@.... Again, the deadline is April 25. Thanks.

--Bill Schafer

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