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Bill Schafer

Kevin Van Der Lippe:

I don’t know how the underpasses were painted in the 1940s, but when I was living there in the early-1970s, the McGee Street/Davie Street underpass was a dirty gray or silver, with maybe black underneath. The letter board bearing the name “Southern Railway” was silver too, and from the accompanying photo, the letters were raised and appear to have been painted black (I wonder if this letter board is still there). This is pre-Amtrak train 5, which Southern called the Piedmont, leaving Greensboro at 7:00 am in early 1971. 

35 SOU train 5 leaving Greensboro crossing Elm St. behind 6148 FP7 Mar 1971 GWS photo.jpeg

Here’s another view, taken later the same year, that shows a little bit of the underpass. In this view, it looks to me as if the underpass is silver, and that it needs a paint job. 

SOU 6308 leads two more SD24s across Elm St Greensboro NC with train 159 1971 Bill Schafer photo.tiff

Hope this helps.

—Bill Schafer

On Feb 25, 2019, at 11:10 AM, Kevin von der Lippe <kevin.vonderlippe@...> wrote:

The City of Greensboro is working with NS and the NCRR to paint the various railroad bridges within the city limits, and would like to paint them to be historically correct for the Southern Railway.  Does anyone know what the standard paint colors were for the the railroad in the 1930s or 40s?

Thank you,

Kevin von der Lippe

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