locked Train show advance alert **** Fredericksburg, VA train show ****

Cohen Bob

                                        Seldom do I, well frankly never up to this point, have I announced a train show this far in advance, but it has been 15 months since there have been any that I feel a little "heads up" advance warning in this case might be appropriate. Obviously when we get a lot closer, then everything will be firmed up but this a bit of 'good news' in that department and hope to get everyone in a much more jolly attitude than we have had before us since early 2020.

                                       The 2nd weekend of August of 2021, there will be a Greenberg train show at the FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia convention center in that city. That is the only show I have semi-firmed up at this time but am advising all of this wee bit of happy news where we can all start to return to something resembling normalcy. I have no doubt that more are or will be on the horizon but this is THE FIRST in this region and that's a real good thing.

The usual array of goodies for sale from the favorite railroads of your choice: B&O, Southern, N&W, C&O, Pennsy .. you name it are likely to be available.

                                       Obviously, situations can change but at this moment all systems are go for a "liftoff" so to speak and I look forward to seeing the many happy faces returning to what was and hopefully will continue to be a glorious hobby season to remember.

                                        More information will be forthcoming when we get a lot closer to the show. This is less than 3 months out now.

Take care and stay tuned.

Bob Cohen

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