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Michael Young

Here's a link to the 1954 public timetable page that shows the consist at that time.  I was born in 1954, and can vaguely remember seeing the diner laying over on the servicing track at Columbia, but by the time I made my first trip on the Carolina Special, around 1963, the Columbia-Charleston segment had been discontinued, and the diner was cut back to either Asheville or Knoxville.  For that first trip only, the Louisville sleeper was still running, but not for long after that.  From then on until final discontinuance in 1968, it was a 2-car consist, a baggage car and a modernized heavyweight coach.  My admittedly vague memory of the diner is that it was a modernized heavyweight one, probably in the 3100 series.
Mike Young


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Thanks Evan and everyone else for your responses. I’m interested in whatever years the Southern Railway Diner Car 3168 (or a similar heavyweight car) was a part of the consist. When was this diner car used and what was the consist for this train? Thanks again.

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Hey Clark. The Carolina Special has a long and storied history. What era/years are you interested in getting consist information for?
-Evan Whatley

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