locked Re: Need stenciling help with 584907

George Eichelberger


I’ll locate and get the FGE stencil drawing for these cars to you.


PS For the HO modelers among us, I spoke to Moloco about doing them. He told me (Nick would know, his research is excellent) that was unlikely. Fruit Growers was basically a car assembly company when the Southern RBLs were produced. That means they purchased parts and assemblies from other manufacturers and put car together like a kit.

Because the Southern orders used an atypical combination of parts, they did not correspond to other prototypes. I would not make sense for any “prototype” model manufacturer to produce a mol single railroad’s car.

On May 20, 2021, at 5:50 PM, Jim King <jimking3@...> wrote:

We’re restoring 584907 at the Craggy Mountain Line back to 12-79 delivery scheme and need help with stenciling.  Below is a Fallen Flags image from a car in that series.  If SRHA or individual has pix of cars in this series or, even better, a stenciling diagram, please contact me off-list.  So far, we’ve applied the large block lettering on both sides of the door.  Now I need to design the capacity, etc., stacked consolidation plate, car dimensions, end lettering and bank loan info in upper left of the side, along with misc. small stuff.
Jim King

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