locked Stencil help need for another Southern Rwy boxcar

Matt Bumgarner

Hi everyone-

In addition to the 50ft boxcar that Jim King is assisting the Craggy Mountain Line in restoring, the SE Narrow Gauge & Shortline Museum needs help with a 40 ft SR boxcar.

Our car will first serve as a temporary shop facility for our museum, and then rotate to display once our shop building is complete.

Our car is Southern Railway boxcar 46831. This boxcar was built in December of 1940 by the Pullman-Standard Company and served the Southern Railway for 4 decades, last being serviced in 1979.
The current road number of the car reflects rebuilding under the Southern Car Program 937 between 1968-72. The boxcars were modified in 1968 at the Berwick Forge & Foundry in Pennsylvania. During the rebuild program 1200 boxcars were strengthened with heavier side sills and had their doors enlarged from 6 ft. to 9ft. The cars' ratings were also upgraded from 40 tons to 50 tons and the old round “Southern Serves the South” logos were upgraded to the newer “Green Light to Innovations” paint scheme, and new numbers were applied to the car series (Unfortunately, we are as of yet unable to determine the original number of our car).

Any help with paint diagrams, history/orginal number, etc, will be most appreciated.


Matt Bumgarner

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