Locked Re: Question/Request for information on Ex-Southern Railway Heavyweight Coach


I don't believe it was remembered. It is possible it was not being used in excursion service by that time, and in fact might have already been on loan to TVRM.

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Thank you for the information lead!!  please let me know if you find those records as well, much appreciated!!.  I spent some time this afternoon looking at CNOTP photos online and was able to find some of the car.  

I do have a question regarding the wreak in 1986. Based on reports I've found online there only were 3 Southern cars on that train and none had the number 3659. Could it be that the car was renumbered? or is it possible that this was a different car and not involved with the wreak? Prior to today I had not heard about the wreak and again spent some time doing some quick research this evening. 

Regardless thank you, this was a great start and helped fill in some blanks.

Chris Zygmunt
Essex, CT

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