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Robert Graham

While the Sou Ry steel bridges I shot photos of in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's were silver in color with either black or green lettering like the one Carl Ardrey provided, I believe in the 1940's and earlier, they were painted black with either white or silver or aluminum lettering. I have attached a photo from Charlotte NC made April 24 1947 of a P&N interurban car coming in to Mint St station. The Sou Ry main line to Columbia SC passed over the P&N station approach tracks (just about where BOA Stadium is now) at that time before being relocated when the old passenger station was closed and SOU lines relocated in and around Charlotte as a result circa 1960 or thereabouts. While a B&W photo, the steel trestle girders are clearly a dark color with light lettering. I suspect this was also the case in Greensboro, as bridge colors were usually system wide and not subject to division preferences.

Also, to answer Bill Schafer's question regarding the presence of the Southern Railway letterboard on the Davie St overpass in Greensboro, it is long gone, removed by NS about the same time the other SOU bridge lettering was removed a few years after the merger. I don't think it was saved, but do not know, but if not, too bad.

Bob Graham

---- Kevin von der Lippe <kevin.vonderlippe@...> wrote:

The City of Greensboro is working with NS and the NCRR to paint the various railroad bridges within the city limits, and would like to paint them to be historically correct for the Southern Railway.  Does anyone know what the standard paint colors were for the the railroad in the 1930s or 40s?

Thank you,

Kevin von der Lippe

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