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Carl Ardrey

On SOU conductors used a book issued by company to record their wheel reports.  We have many copies of these books, with entries, from the ‘50’s in the archives.

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Hello Jason and list.

This is an explanation of a wheel report from the GNHS:

Before computers a wheel report was simply a high-class train list. It was a compendium of all cars handled by a particular crew between that crews' initial and final terminal. On most roads when the train got to a terminal, the conductor would file one copy of the wheel report with the yardmaster (or actually with his office staff) and another copy with all the waybills for the cars would be delivered to the connecting conductor. The connecting conductor would write a new wheel report for his crew, and so on. Specific practice varied from road to road but this is an overview in general of how it was handled. At designated terminals a clerk would take each wheel report and "bible" every car in the train - enter it in a large book with column headings for car numbers running from tens to thousands. For example NYC 200138 would be entered (depending on road) either under "2001" column or under "38" column. That way if somebody wanted a trace on the car it could be found, and information passed along that it went through terminal Podunk at 4am Dec 21.

This explains it better than I ever could.


Tom Holley

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