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I have something that although it says Train Book on the cover, is actually a Train Order Book covering orders issued on the Charleston Division between July 7-14, 1947.  At that time, dispatching over the "Peavine" (SB-Line) Kingville, SC to Marion, NC was still being done by telegraph.  Everything was written by fountain pen, and deciphering it is akin to unlocking the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Apparently at times they were writing very quickly.  I also have the ETT and rule book in effect at that time.  I always wanted to do a .pdf document compilation showing the original pages and their translation, with supporting references, and donate it to SRHA if they wanted to make it available as a reference/educational tool on how dispatching was done in those days.  Of course there are many engine numbers mentioned in the orders, which might be of interest too.
Mike Young

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Attached are both blank and filled in versions from Conductor HF Snow circa 1934.  It was an official form 714, but was apparently called a Train Book.  However, needs must, and Conductor Snow also used a  "Car Book" that only had blue-ruled lines, like college notebook paper, bound into a pasteboard cover sized to fit a pocket (about 10" tall, but only a 4-5 inches wide when closed).   I also have examples of the engineer time/delay books, which are more (to my mind) like checkbooks or police ticket books--they have a bound stub with perforations to detach a report for double bookkeeping.

A proper history of the evolution of paper work and later computer work of tracking trains and cars and shipments would probably fill a 10-12 volume.  The Southern wasn't just innovative in terms of freight car and MoW equipment.  They did all kinds of interesting and innovative things around subjects that might put the usual "railfan" to sleep, but is certainly of historical interest.


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Could you share with us all and Tom explain how they work?

Jason Greene

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Hello, Warren.

Yes, that is exactly the form I'm looking for. A TA&G form would be fine, and I sure would appreciate it.


Tom Holley

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