locked Re: Question/Request for information on Ex-Southern Railway Heavyweight Coach

George Eichelberger

Memos referring to car 3659 are in the “Excursion Services” files dated 5-31-68, 8-1-70 and 3-9-79, so we know it was in use then.


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I assume this is follow up to the question from last week regarding the 3659, now at the Valley Railroad.

I was able to look at the maintenance card in the SRHA archives over the weekend and found the car in card file identified as "Railfan cars". The first entry is Date in 12/31/70 and Date out is 3/10-71.  The last entry is Date in 2/3/84 and Date out 4/25/84.  There is no other reference to renumbering, or changes to the car as there were on some other cars in the file.

In looking a the car diagram book for the mid 1940s I don't see this car number listed so I begin to wonder "what was the original car number and how did it get the new number in the late 1960s or by 12/31/70". I should also note that page 19 ends with 3626 (and two blank spaces) and page 20 starts with 3660 so there is no room for a 3659.

You might want to take down a couple of the luggage racks and see if the car number was stamped into the metal.  We found the number 1683 (although it was misinterpreted as 1688 which never existed) on our early Southern open window coach at TVRM.

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What is the car number, your organization and where is it?


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