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C J Wyatt


Bethlehem Steel did build 25 coaches for Southern Railway System in 1924. They were numbered 1614-1633 and CNO&TP 3776-3780. The coaches generally got renumbered  when they were rebuilt with reclining seats and sometimes other improvements.  Perhaps you can find an original number on a part like Tim suggested. I haven't worked on old railroad passenger cars, but I seem to have in my mind that the electrical cabinet is another place to look for a number.

Thanks for helping in saving the car and good luck in finding its original number.

Jack Wyatt

On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, 11:37:52 AM EDT, Artist794 Workshop <artist794workshop@...> wrote:

Hello all,

Our volunteer organization as started its investigation of the car to see what needs to be addressed. Current plans are not finalized but I'm sure these inspections will tell weather or not the car can be renovated/restored. As of right now we are in the process of removing the seats and flooring in order to inspect/repair parts of the steel floor. While working we found a note listing the car to be built in 1924 by Bethlehem Steel. I'm not sure if this is correct but I thought it would be best to share it with the group if anyone happens to find its file on the archives night.  Any information on the car will be extremely helpful for not only its part in my history report but also in future restoration work.

Thank you for helping and taking the time to look into this cars life further.  I will try to attach a picture from our Wednesday night work sessions.

P.S. in case anyone is curious I am not sure, nor do I have a say, in if the car will be restored to its original Southern paint. Those are debates for another day, first we need to get the car up to working standards. 

 Chris Zygmunt 

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