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We can get you a sample or current color formula for the Southern Green paint, along with the lettering, if it is decided to go with the Southern colors.

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All I can say is WOW and thank you so much everyone. This is amazing research work and I know myself and many of our crews appreciate it. 

First to answer an earlier post I just saw now. Yes, this car is now at the Valley Railroad ( Essex Steam Train & Riverboat) in Essex, CT. I myself, am both a employee of the railroad as a Trainmen and as a volunteer with their non profit associated group, The Friends of the Valley Railroad.  Our line acquired the car from Age of Steam Roundhouse along with two former Canadian National cars. While no plans have been announce, nor do I speak on behalf of the railroad company, the "Friends" have been working on it during our weekly shop night removing seats and the existing flooring for inspection of the steel under floor and start repairs. As of last night we have 3/4th of the flooring removed. (Many layers of tile, 3/4" plywood, insulation and 2x4s)  We found a few areas were the steel floor underneath is damaged and/or corroding away above the south truck/bathroom area. 

I did take a moment to look around the car and was able to find some metal marked "1632" so with that and the above post from Tim Andrews, I think its safe to say we have identified the car's original number. I also removed some of the flaking "Ohio Central" maroon paint and saw a darker green, almost black. Not sure if that is the correct colors for southern green or if its just a undercoat. I can also confirm there are no Bathrooms on the car but that might help explain the thinner sheets of metal we found at the south end. Could be patches over previous holes. Also on the south end there are 2 cabinets that seem to need a key to open. Without trying to force it too much we could not open them. 

Another confirmation I can make is that the 6 wheel trucks have "Bethlehem" cast into the frames. However the wheels are roller bearing so I'm not sure if these were upgraded during one of the renovations. 

Regardless Thank you all again for the help and please let me know if you find anything else.  The car seems like its going to be our pet project for the foreseeable future, so I can post updates here if any one is interested. While we are not sure what exactly the cars future hold, I'm hoping that this research can be used to help tell its story and help with restorations.

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