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George Eichelberger

One of the possible projects for upcoming work sessions will be to go through boxes of “miscellaneous” document and either move them to individual car files, or, at least to scan them and put the digital versions in the same “folder” as the car file (not many of those have been scanned. As Hayne maintained the Southern’s passenger cars, official cars and cabs, there are individual files on them in the archives. Box cars, also maintained at Hayne, do not have individual car files.

Other possible work session projects include:
Reviewing, organizing and scanning the documentation, specifications and drawings (some very large) on all of the Southern’s lightweight passenger car orders from 1941.

The SRHA photo collections: There are thousands of negative and prints in the archives. Some are very well organized but other are not. The various collections, while maintaining each item’s provenance, need to be collated and organized. Now the same engine number, for example, may have different photos in various collections and may be filed in different places depending on the size of the negative or if it is a print. While we may not want to rearrange the negatives or prints, once the items are scanned we can organize the digital files to manke anything easier to find. (That applies to anything; drawing, document or photo.)

Note the SRHA archive includes many ACL, SAL, A&WP, GA, L&N etc. photos from the Roberts, Kimsey and Prince collections. The Kimsey collection contains hundreds of industrial and short line photos dating back to steam.

The industrial and short line negatives warrant their own book!

The archives will be open before noon on Thursday 6-17 through Saturday afternoon. If you are coming to help, please (!) send an email to archives@... so we can plan the various projects and work areas. We typically work until 7:00PM or so and will start by 8:00 on Friday and Saturday. TVRM is fully open.


On Jun 3, 2021, at 9:43 AM, C J Wyatt <cjwyatt@...> wrote:

Tim, thanks for finding the answer. Years ago when I was trying to create an all time roster of Southern Railway passenger cars, a similar renumbering incident, number 1367 in your list, bedeviled me. The original Southern 1367 was a coach built by Pullman in 1909. Therefore I refer to the excursion car as No. 1367 (2nd).

Jack Wyatt 

On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, 10:12:09 PM EDT, TIM ANDREWS <andrewstim@...> wrote:

From the SRHA archives today comes the following from the car maintenance record for car 3659 and dated 11/1/1966

Using the diagram book from Another Man's Treasure we see that the car was originally 1632 which fits the series reported by Jack Wyatt.  According to Diagram 30-F-38 the car was built by Bethlehem 1924 was air conditioned in May of 1939 had Green Frieze Pat. 60 upholstery, the "8-3 interior color scheme and the tile #101 and 107 aisle stripe". It weighted 149,600 pounds.  From the diagram it had walk over seats and seated 72.  Although the date is not given on diagram 31-F-51 dated 12/7/48 the car received reclining seats and reconfigured restrooms and was renumbered 1083.  The seating was dropped to 48 seats.  26 cars received this conversion, some at Hayne and some at Chattanooga.

Seeing as how the seating was raised to 72 reclining seats and the restrooms were removed, we would assume that took place around 1966.

It is interesting to note that the 1058 on the list above is now at TVRM and still has the large restrooms and lower seating capacity.

I will keep digging through stuff and see what else I can find.

On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, 05:18:23 PM EDT, Stephen Warner <sgwarner88@...> wrote:

Having rode these cars starting in 1960 all the way through the end of SR's scheduled service (on the Knoxville Division and CNO&TP), I can say that you have an "original" car interior, at least through the 1950's or so.  I also rode many of these cars that SR "upgraded" from the globe lights and steel overhead racks with newer streamline/modernized-type racks and fluorescent lighting (harsh and glaring at night).  I always felt that I was riding Southern back in the 30's in these cars (after all, it was still Timetable and train order operation back then), and tried to pick out one in the consist whenever I climbed on.  She will look great.

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