locked Knoxville Terminal Zone Map


The recent question on Wheel Reports motivated me to go through some of the paperwork I’ve collected through the years on operations.  One item that might be of interest to others on the list is a copy of a Terminal Zone Map for Knoxville.   It’s from the early 1980s and my understanding is that it was created as part of installing the TIPS Industrial Car Control System.  The terminal was divided into zones and each customer was a assigned an alpha numeric code.  TIPS was expanded by NS to cover the former N&W territory in the late 1980s.

Unfortunately, my copy only has the zone maps and not the corresponding listing for what customer each code represented.   Being a little familiar with Knoxville, I can guess at what some of the codes are.  For example, B03 should be White Lilly Foods. 

I've uploaded a copy to my Dropbox.  Anyone interested can access at the link.

Knoxville Terminal Zone Map

I’m curious if the archives or others might have more information on the TIPS installation and zone maps for other terminals.   Might make an interesting TIES article.


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