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Chattanooga had/has a similar zone map.  Someday I will find my copy of the hand drawn map which had an 8 1/2 x 11 page for each zone and that showed each customer, the code, and dots representing the number of car spots they had at that location. The alpha numeric codes are still used roday and they have remained the same for a given track even if the name of the customer has changed.

The codes are often used in conversations replacing the name of the customer with the code "(We've got three N37s and an N40").  These are sometimes also called class or customer codes by the crews. Tyner and Jersey are  "N" and then the individual customers like VW at Tyner(N3552), TVRM at Jersey (N36), Allied Metal at Jersey (N37) or TAG at Tyner (N3551) follow with either two or four numbers.
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There is quite a bit of information in the SRHA archives on TIPS. It is usually filed (digitally) with the Yard name rather than as a comprehensive TIPS file. In addition to what we know about now, there is an entire table/corner in the archives that apparently includes more TIPS info to be IDed. If someone is interested, they can help sort through material at the up coming work session June 18th and 19th. (Contact us if you plan to come: archives@....)

We moved literally tons of hardware and documents to the new archives (Good riddance Kennesaw Museum!). As more comes in, we will always need to sort through it.

Re: A map for Asheville. I have accumulated a lot of Asheville material over the years (my layout IS Asheville) but I have not seen much on area industries. By the time TIPs came along, there were virtually no rail served industries in Asheville. There are abandoned sidings in several places (E. Asheville is most interesting) to see. Into the 60s and 70s, there were a few on the Craggy, some steel and scrap at the west and east ends of the yard but not much else. The yard only existed after John Sevier Yard was built because of the A&S down Saluda and Canton.


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Very interesting and informative. My question now is would anyone have that for Asheville????


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The recent question on Wheel Reports motivated me to go through some of the paperwork I’ve collected through the years on operations.  One item that might be of interest to others on the list is a copy of a Terminal Zone Map for Knoxville.   It’s from the early 1980s and my understanding is that it was created as part of installing the TIPS Industrial Car Control System.  The terminal was divided into zones and each customer was a assigned an alpha numeric code.  TIPS was expanded by NS to cover the former N&W territory in the late 1980s.

Unfortunately, my copy only has the zone maps and not the corresponding listing for what customer each code represented.   Being a little familiar with Knoxville, I can guess at what some of the codes are.  For example, B03 should be White Lilly Foods. 

I've uploaded a copy to my Dropbox.  Anyone interested can access at the link.

Knoxville Terminal Zone Map

I’m curious if the archives or others might have more information on the TIPS installation and zone maps for other terminals.   Might make an interesting TIES article.


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