Locked Re: Knoxville Terminal Zone Map



Thanks for the additional info on the codes and zone maps.  I would be interested in seeing the copy for Chattanooga if you can find it. 

To go further into the subject of using another area of the former Southern to illustrate, I have several industry work lists from the late 1980s from Chamblee, GA, that list the codes.  I assume they were generated out of TIPS.  To illustrate, here's an example for the P05 turn that went from Chamblee to Duluth.  In this example all of the industries were in the "R" Zone.   It has the times each industry was worked as well as a couple of additional cars that were pulled from Dixie Plywood (R65) notated.   It also includes notes if there are specific instructions for working an industry.  I assume the system that replaced TIPS (TYES?) in the early 2000s generates a similar type work list but haven't seen one to confirm.


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