locked Re: stock trains on Southern

Charles Powell

When were the last movements of livestock on Southern? We lived by the K&O line in Knoxville from 56-64 and I remember seeing an occasional stock car in a train. We moved to Chattanooga in July of 64. There were covered stock pens by the crest of the hump at the yard. My Dad would pick up his paycheck at work and when the check came on his off days he would go pick it up. I would always go along and after getting the check at the yard office Dad would often drive through the yard or down by the diesel shop for my entertainment.  I recall that on one of these trips in probably 64 or 65 as we came out of the yard office we heard the baaa of sheep coming from the stock pens. That had to have been near the end for within a couple of years the Signal Dept. was using the stock pens for material storage.


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