locked Re: Balsam

Stephen Warner

Mike, that is the Balsam Inn, built sometime around 1905, if I recall correctly.  It was a summer retreat for northern city folk who came down on trains.  Their trunks were ferried up the hill to the lodge.  The lodge’s hallways even today are wide enough for their steamer trunks to stay outside their door.  Until a previous owner refurbished the Inn, it had no heat, as it was a summer lodge.  When a local college was upgrading their systems, she bought the old furnace and radiator system and installed it, so it became a year-round Inn.  If I recall correctly, the depot was moved across from the Inn a ways away, up on a hill, and was used as a B&B (I stayed there one time).  Until COVID, we often stayed at the Balsam Inn (the front 3rd floor corner rooms are best), and from the huge porch watched the NS local top the hill (sometimes not stopping to set retainers) before going to Bryson.  You can check on the status today.  While it is “rustic/historic”, renovations are eclectic and whimsical, but nice.  I personally recommend it, although it is not your Marriott or Four Seasons.

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