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A&Y Dave in MD


I can’t recall any Southern single sheathed cars. Maybe some were forced on them by USRA or they inherited from an acquisition? I will follow along to see me proved wrong.

Dave Bott

On Jun 11, 2021, at 11:23 AM, Allen Cain <allencaintn@...> wrote:

I apologize for the cross postings.  And yes, I did do my own research on this but came up blank so appreciate any help that I can get from anyone so here goes.

Did the Southern own and operate any single sheathed boxcars in the mid-1955?

And if so, does anyone have pictures to share?

And if so, does any of the new Rapido boxcars match what the Southern had?  Here is a link:

And finally, if all of the above is yes, who makes the correct decals?

Thank you!

Allen Cain

Allen Cain
Modeling the Southern in 1955 in HO Scale

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