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O Fenton Wells

Here is a quick reply. I hope this helps
The 40 ft DD cars 272000-272999 had 4/5 dreadnought ends.  Note that 272500-272524 had end doors.  The 1938 50 ft DD auto cars had 4/5 dreadnought (sq) ends (40000-40199)  The 1944 50 ft DD auto cars had 5/5 dreadnought (w) ends  (41500-41549 end dr cars) (40200-40249 end dr cars) (42000-42299)
The 1944 50 ft DD auto cars (39000-39973) did not  have end doors.

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Can anyone tell me if the 40' and 50' Southern boxcars with opening end doors were 5/4 or 5/3 ends.  I can't find a photo anywhere I looked.  These would be Dreadnought ends.  My era is early 1950's.

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