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Bill Schafer

Thanks for the heads-up

On Jul 1, 2021, at 20:43, Cohen Bob via groups.io <orl96782@...> wrote:

Just got the flyers for the annual (except last year of course), Gaithersburg Railroadianna show in "only" 4 months. That seems like a long time, but in no time it will be upon us I am sure.

The date is the usual: first weekend of November 2021. The general public can get in for a modest admission fee on Sunday, November 7th only but if you are a more serious player, you can get in for I think it is $40, starting Noon on Friday the 5th.

I have seen just about everything imaginable that was involved with a railroad except a full-size locomotive and think I saw photos of one saying "ask" at least one time. All sorts of transportation related goodies will be there; lanterns and parts, RR China, books, videos, timetables, magazines from just about every imaginable source: railroad, rail-fans, companies, and you name it.

With it being 2 years since the last of this show in 2019 and of course we didn't know what we would be facing for the past 16 months or so, the demand for "stuff" is strong and with other shows coming on-line in the coming months as well, this show also promises to be a real eye-opener.

In the past a number of Railroad historical societies have been in attendance and going from memory I can recall seeing, the N&W, Sou, B&O, C&O, ACL/SAL, Chessie, PC, Ma & Pa, and a number of others. Who knows this year?

More will be forthcoming as we get a bunch closer but for now, mark your calendars, spread the word and let's all look forward to enjoying our hobby as we did before.

You can contact the show folks directly at Golden Spike Enterprises, Inc. if you desire more details.

Get ready for it's a comin'!!

Bob Cohen

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