locked Re: Atlanta Terminal Station - Redrawing Station Plans?

George Eichelberger


Arrrgh…I have heard that before but was hoping it was a railfan myth.  I heard the Secretaries at the DC headquarters would ask the Engineering people for old drawings they could take and wash the starch out of for handkerchiefs during WWII. The linen was/is very high quality.


PS The next archives work session is Fri and Sat July 16 and 17. (There are a LOT of Southern and Central of Ga linens in the collection. The CofG drawings are so nicely done, they are really “artwork”.)

On Jul 5, 2021, at 1:51 PM, John Stewart <jstew@...> wrote:

Hi folks
Love those old linen drawings.
My grandmother used to make all my grandfather’s handkerchief from discarded engineering drawings.
John Stewart
Birmingham, AL

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