locked Re: Southern 72747

George Eichelberger


One of the local fans told us the railroad hired a contractor periodically to salvage the coal and scrap the cars. Other than rust on the wheels, there was no way to tell how long the car laid there but it had been some time.

The gate onto mine property was a short distance past the switch points beside a public road. The tipple was maybe 1/4 mile inside the fence so the car must have built up some speed before it was diverted. I do not know if it would be considered a "derailment" as far as the Southern was concerned?

I took multiple rolls of Kodachrome while a group of us from Tampa and N.C. railfanned the area. What seemed like an excessive number of slides then was really nothing when we realize how much coal mining has declined in SW Virginia.


PS Kevin Centers is the SRHA Treasurer and a BOD member. A volunteer 501c3 organization simply cannot function without good financial records and controls, Kevin provide both......

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