locked Re: Southern bulkhead flat 116184

Robert Graham

Decking is wood clearly in the photo. Also shown on the print as the "wood grain" is drawn into the detail of several of the planks. The thickness, type of wood and specified finish is likely in the detail drawings or bill of materials. No way it would not be specified somewhere.

Bob Graham

---- George Eichelberger <geichelberger@...> wrote:

To answer a question about the decking on Southern Greenville Steel Car bulkhead flats, here is the title block half of GSC drawing 36028 but I do not see any references to the planks being wood or steel. The photo of Southern 116184, I took at Atlanta July 2001 shows their wood decks clearly.

The early Intermountain (?) center beam flat may provide a starting point for one of the bulkhead versions. The tie down ratchets on the kit are very nice and starting with an underframe and deck would save a lot of scratchbuilding. I have lost track of which Southern car had the same truck centers although that length could be modified rather easily.


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