locked Re: TIES

Rob Wingo

still have a few dozen from my dad and they are a fascinating look into the past.   However….

I am not sure I would buy more than a few because I have enough stuff and as they are interesting I am not sure I really wanna read an entire year of the magazine without knowing some content and that is even more work than scanning and mailing.  Is this a fund raising venture for the SHRA or just being provided as a service to the community with cost recovery?

If its just a service I will suggest another avenue.  Since I live 500 miles from TVRM and would rarely get a chance to come dig through the archive  I think a web publication available to all SHRA members of the material ( and all of the scanned material at the archive even) should be a benefit of membership.  I’d feel very comfortable raising the yearly dues ($1-$10?) to pay for it.  I would also like to upload some of my father’s material for all members to see rather than sitting in my basement.  I’d guess alot of members would contribute also.

I’d like to know what our new SHRA webmaster thinks of a searchable database of material from the archive as it becomes available where all
members could log in and view it.  



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