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I agree with the suggestion to make the entire archive (for all years) available in a digital form such as PDF.  It is essential IMHO that a digital archive be searchable.  I would prefer a download distribution.  I want to be able to search across the complete archive.  I would also want to be able to search individual issues.  Also to be able to browse all issues by year and month.  Should this project be undertaken, I will volunteer to help work out functional (user) requirements.  I would also help work out the structure and format for its digital distribution.

Andy Ramsay
Berryville VA

On Mon, Aug 23, 2021 at 8:29 AM Paul Spilman <soumodeler@...> wrote:
Great idea, but it needs to be done the right way. Doing one CD per year? No thanks. It would be better to offer the entire collection as one digital download, on a flash drive, or at worst, data DVDs. 

A large number of laptops now do not come with a disc drive at all. A lot of people rely solely on a tablet now. Physical copies of digital media are dying. Why not just eliminate the issue and make it compatible with nearly any device from the beginning? 

If you do it digitally, I guess you could sell one year at a time, but that would be annoying to someone who wants the entire archive, which I expect a lot of people would want, such as myself. 

Additionally, having it as one complete collection would make for a much more useful index, which is a very important aspect of offering something like this. The Model Railroader archive would be way less valuable without the ability to search it, as an example. 

Finally, price. It would need to be very reasonably priced for most people to see the value in buying it. 

Paul Spilman

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