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Robert Hanson

At one time in the early 1970's I asked the University of Georgia Libraries to search for a copy that they could borrow in inter-library library loan that I could use and they could not find a single copy in any public library in about sever southeastern states.

I later acquired a copy through a trade and when, in the 1990's, the NS archives found out that I had a copy, they were very nervous about that and were more than a little interested in how I had acquired it.  They were very antsy about any copies being in other-than-corporate hands.

Given that attitude, I was totally amazed that they released any of the copies, let alone all that they had.

Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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Note the attached….

If Fairfax Harrison was not willing to send the “LOC” a copy of the “History, you know they were serious about not letting it get out!


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Strange that the letter states “never intended for publication.” I used to go to the North Carolina Collection in the Louis Round Wilson Library in Chapel Hill in the early 70’s and a person wearing white gloves would go retrieve this book for me to sit and read.. It was well-worn with brown leather wraps. I was stunned when I saw the set laying on the SRHA table at a train show in Winston-Salem 20-30 years ago it seems! Best $100 bill I spent that year! Thanks to whoever decided to bind them!!!!!

Others are selling entire collections of their magazines back issues for $99-$129 roughly it seems. I agree with others that is the market. Maybe 10% off with a new membership even.


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