locked Southern 2605 cu ft two-bay covered hopper - Sou 4000-4199

George Eichelberger

Southern 2605 cu ft two-bay covered hopper - Sou 4000-4199

This series of two-bay aluminum covered hoppers were built by Magor in 1959. Already 100-ton capy. cars, they were simply increased to four-bays create the “Big John” cars. Although I do not think I’ll have the “nerve” to cut down one of my (beautiful) Exact-Rail Big Johns, it would make an interesting SR kitbash. (Look at them with a Big John photo and you’ll note the hatches appear to line up for the two-bay car with the two middle bays removed. 

Lettering on the slides I have show green stencil paint but Southern practice with green always seems to have some cars with black lettering. No discussion of stencil colors on Southern covered hoppers has ever been found in the archives?

Can anyone tell us if any other railroads had the same Magor 2605 cu ft two-bay aluminum cars?


 Southern 4072 Inman Yard 6-82 G. Eichelberger photo

PS I just noticed, note this snippet of an early photo of Sou 4173…The sides did not extend behind the ladders as built. The triangular pieces on the 1982 photo of Sou 4072 were obviously added. Big Johns were built that way?!

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