locked Re: AGS and CNO&TP reports of foreign line official car movements

George Eichelberger


Thanks! I don’t want to post material a lot of people would not find interesting but there is so much in the archives that I expect very few of us know anything about, I want to make other aware of the kinds of “stuff” available there. Our work sessions are usually a series of “look what I just found” comments coming from someone/somewhere.

We are back to our work session schedule of the third weekend (Fri-Sat) every month but until the Covid business clears up, we ask (as strongly as possible) that only fully vaccinated people come. (We are neither “scared” or “political” about it, we simply do not want any of our volunteers to get sick.)

The next session is this coming Friday and Saturday at the archives building on Turntable Road at the Grand Junction end of TVRM. We will be “firing up” the new 48” scanner, working on multiple projects and simply enjoying each other’s company. (If time permits, we might cross the street and check out the future TVRM indoor museum building, the F-M engine just in from TVA and the work on Southern office car #21.

If folks cannot come to help in person, donations and memberships to TVRM, SRHA or the L&NHS (in the process of moving in with us) can all help keep the work moving ahead. (The L&NHS convention is the same weekend in Cartersville, GA. I expect some of us will be at the archives on Thursday if anyone wants to stop by if they pass Chattanooga on I-24 or I-75.


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This is a great dive into how some of the other railroad officials used CNO&TP and AGS to travel. Thanks for sharing. On a related note, when will the next sets of archives sessions happen? 

-Chris Mayhew

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