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Kyle Shannon


That is TVRM’s ex-B&O 98. It’s also been undergoing a ground up rebuild.


On Monday, September 13, 2021, 12:16 PM, Jason Greene <jason.p.greene@...> wrote:

Just curious, what is the other open platform car behind it?

Jason Greene 

On Sep 13, 2021, at 11:33 AM, George Eichelberger <geichelberger@...> wrote:

The restoration of Southern OC-21 at TVRM is moving along nicely. The attached photo shows the car in the shop a week or so ago. All of the windows are out so the weatherstripping can be replaced. (On any passenger car, water leaking into the car from bad weatherstripping will ruin the side sills and sheets.)

The car is being restored inside and out* back to its configuration when the Southern converted it from Pullman “Point Richmond” in 1956. TVRM has acquired a pair of six-wheel, outside swing hanger trucks to replace the Pullman trucks now under the car. (The prior owner sold the replacements Southern put under the car in the ‘60s. The “new” trucks match the Southern’s replacements.)

* Auto restoration folks would call the work a “resto-mod”. It is being as restored as near to “1956” as possible but will have everything necessary to operate on and off TVRM trackage; chemical toilets, a generator, full HEP and such. Of course, it will be painted Southern Green and lettered appropriately.

Donations can be made to TVRM or SRHA though their web sites:

The entire Hayne Shop file that includes the car’s purchase from Pullman and everything (!) for its conversion to a Southern official car has been scanned and is in the SRHA archives. It includes everything down to the upholstery and carpets and paints used over the years as OC-21. The file is being followed as much as possible for the restoration. It is a level of detail railfans and modelers hardly every see. We will send a link to download the file for anyone donating at least $100 to TVRM or the archives.

As info..as of today, TVRM has spent about $160,000 to purchase, move and restore the car. Most of that has been donated by only four people. Restoring equipment, maintaining archives and acquiring rolling stock is expensive. This is a perfect time to ask anyone interested in the Southern or the fine work TVRM is doing to maintain and operate the largest operating railroad museum in the Southeast to please donate to those efforts! (Speaking just for myself, I’m sure there are a million justifications for not donating to historical organizations or railroad museums….I really don’t want to hear them.)


<Sou OC-21 in TVRM shop.jpeg>

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