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C J Wyatt

You're welcome, James.

Southern Railway kept a good list of early switcher assignments, so basically name a date. Of course tackling modeling a major terminal in anything less than a club-sized layout is a challenge. The yard in Atlanta was huge and the trains from Birmingham ran with the trains from Chattanooga, east of Austell. In Birmingham, the AGS subsidiary and Southern Railway proper both had their own yards. I do seem to recall that the AGS yard did originate and receive some trains with Atlanta traffic. Unless one wanted their whole basement (or whatever) devoted to Birmingham, I would recommend focusing on just one of the yards. 

The era was during the time of ICC regulation, so everyone interchanged with everyone to a greater or lesser extent depending on how the traffic was routed. The shipper generally selected a route. If the shipper left the route blank (open routing) then the originating railroad could fill in the route.

I don't know if you have seen this website. but there is a wealth of information on it:

Here is another view of the overall map with a white background, enlargeable with good resolution:

If you can find a copy of the Birmingham-Bessemer Terminal Area Co-ordinating Committe Report which the maps were part of, you can find detailed information about the railroad operations and facilities in the area circa 1935, which probably did not change that much into the late forties.

Any other railroads which you are interested in?

Jack Wyatt

In particular, take a look at the 1935 rail maps.

On Monday, September 20, 2021, 06:51:02 PM EDT, James Walton <whovianwil@...> wrote:

Thanks all, what you've shown has really helped. 

Does anyone know what switchers the Southern tended to use in their Atlanta and Birmingham yards at this time?

Does anyone know what companies the Southern interchanged with in Bham? I know the Southern and the Frisco were on good terms, so they certainly had an interchange. 

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