locked Re: Southern 72747

mike turner

In the picture SOU72747_3.tif, the brake step appears to be a slotted Apex design. Is this correct?

Did all the SOU 70t 3bay AAR hoppers use this brake step?

There appear to be hopper door locks only on one side. Is this normal?

The brake rigging has a cover over part. Was this normal SOU practice?




On 3/17/2019 11:08 AM, George Eichelberger wrote:
Here are three photos of Southern 70-ton hopper 72747 derailed and on its side just outside the mine at the very north end of the Roda or Stonega Interstate mine spurs. The tipple is uphill to the left. The switch, like a safety track, was normally set for the siding to keep cars from running away down the valley. Although rails had been removed to insure cars were derailed, note one photo taken from the other end shows the siding curving off to the left. We did not walk that line but I suspect it was a derail or safety track rather than a lead to another mine.


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