locked Southern Railway Valuation Section Maps

George Eichelberger

Before posting some examples of rolling stock data from the ICC forms, here are the "index" maps showing the Valuation Sections for the Southern Railway. Note that other parts of the "Southern Railway System" are not included. The CNO&TP, AGS, etc. had their own accounts and ICC reporting requirements. We have many of those documents in the archives but we need to do a complete inventory (and make scans if there is interest).

To limit the size of this email, they are on Google Drive at the following link:

Eventually, we will establish a digital archive at Chattanooga with an off-site backup. There is already a high speed fiber optic link to the archives building that gives us excellent WiFi connectivity. Anyone knowledgable about the Internet and data servers is welcome to help plan, acquire and install the server hardware. We will then be able to transition SRHA archives documents onto our own searchable platform and not rely on services such as Google Drive.


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