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Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton

That's the sort of approach that John Stewart followed using a scenes-along-the way approach. His website is at http://www.bhamrails.info  -  there is some good protype info in there as well . Ken McElreath had done something similar including a rather compressed Terminal station, but  the pages with a description of his layout seem to have vanished.  

If we're going to continue in the "scale less than 1:1" vein, might I very 'umbly suggest that the purely modelling discussions might possibly be moved to the dedicated subgroup? 

I'd recommend getting Marv's map and also finding copies of his books; I don't think either of them is currently in print but they are well worth hunting out.  
  1. Birmingham Rails: The Last Golden Era: From World War II to Amtrak - this is more generally useful to get an idea of the bigger picture ( and, yes, it is a very big picture) , and includes section about other railroads 
  2. Great Temple of Travel: A Pictorial History of Birmingham Terminal Station; focussed on just one aspect, but well worth reading.  

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Very true - though perhaps Tony Koester and his concept of 'selective compression' may be able to help. That is, cut out the things you don't need to focus on showing a version of what you do need.

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