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Robert Hanson


The Southeaster Railway Museum has former Southern Railway (GS&F) SW-7 unit No. 8202  Until not too long ago it was operational, but I'm not certain of its current status.  Last time I saw it, it was painted in 1950's Southern green and white with yellow trim/lettering.

Bob Hanson
Loganville, GA

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The stuff about Southern switch engines has me thinking…

Are there any Southern ALCo or EMD switch engines preserved at one of the museums?

TVRM just did a lot of work* obtaining, and moving, a “Baby Trainmaster” from TVA. Unusual for an “industrial” unit, it was purchased new by TVA and worked at one locationt its entire life.

(Neither it or the ALCo S- TVA donated to TVRM were Southern but anyone interested in preserving rolling stock from the Southeast might consider a donation to help defer the $100,000 (mol) cost to truck them to Chattanooga. Consider there will not be many more pieces of rolling stock to obtain and preserve in the future.)


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