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George Eichelberger


Starting from SF-1000, the beginning of the D size drawings, I only got to SF-1084 (drawn 8-27-1916) scanned this week. (Two screen shots are attached.) (Scanning 100 year old linens has to be done carefully.) While we have the scans made from microfilm, I’ll wait until the Oct work session to go high/later in the drawings with the new scanner. I expect most of the detail drawings, for any car, will be A, B or C size drawings. Those are in separate number series (the drawing number is based on its size) but we either have them scanned or, being smaller drawings, they are easier to scan.


PS To everyone. To limit storage space on the .io server, I will be deleting most attachments and older posts in the next week or so.

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agree.  ‘22-28 SU boxcar drawings and I’ll up the ante. 😼

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Not really a “trivial” thing….

If you have downloaded the Southern wood under frame box car drawing, notice the ends of the wood pieces. The wood grains drawn are not random, they are different for every type of wood and the drawing standard for each was followed. Shop people knew the wood by the way the grain was drawn without other references.

There is a “key sheet” drawing in the collection…someplace.


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