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George Eichelberger


I don’t know what the effect of the smaller PDF file will be on the resolution of the drawing but here is another Google Drive link. Let us know how the conversion to AutoCad goes. 

(I realize that 177MB .tiff files are not the easiest to work with but fullsize 200 or 300 dpi scans give us “archival” quality images to work with. While scanning technology will improve, we have these to work with and the original drawings can sit in their files until we need to scan them again. PS: I scanned some of the drawings at 8 bit color, not greyscale. Although the drawings are not color, it does appear to be easier to adjust the scan contrast and color levels starting from 8-bit color image although keeping everything in that format would require huge amount of storage for an archives the size of SRHA’s.) 

I also realize most modelers, Southern and otherwise, focus on “transition era” or later prototypes but amazing work can be done with early “steam era” rolling stock as well. There are only a few companies doing kits from casting but good quality drawings could “bend the curve” backwards in time for what (Southern and Central of Georgia) prototypes are available. (The CG linens are in the SRHA archives.)


PS If anyone takes the scan to have a full size drawing made, give the group an idea what it cost. (I have found that most D size drawings can be reduced to 11”x17” @ 300 dpi that can be produced on standard ink-jet printers. That size is still very readable and much more convenient on the work bench.)

On Sep 30, 2021, at 7:53 AM, Eric Schrowang <eschrowang@...> wrote:

Is there any way to see these as a PDF? I would love to move these to AutoCad and plot them to scale.


On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 7:22 PM George Eichelberger <geichelberger@...> wrote:
The new SRHA scanner is in service at the archives. As expected, it does a superb job on our large drawings (linens and blueprints).

I’ve uploaded the full size, full resolution scan for drawing SF-1013, a “Plain Box Car” drawn July 5, 1905. The drawing does not include what car series the drawing is for but the index of SR drawings shown on the print strongly suggest this is not a car proposed by one of the car builders. (As cars got more complex, the index was left off most drawings after about 1906-7.) That’s the “gift”…

The “challenge” includes several opportunities to display models built from the drawing:
Next year’s SRHA (twice postponed) convention in Richmond, VA, next year’s joint meeting with the L&NHS at their annual convention at TVRM, AND to be on display in the future TVRM museum building across the (Turntable Road) street from the archives. Models can be of any scale, including 12”:1’. (A partial cut away model of a “WUF” would be interesting.) I expect the various drawings, plus trucks, are in the archives but we will ask for a donation if anyone wants them all. The Google Drive link to the (177 MB) drawing is:



PS Donations for things like $7,000+ scanners are always welcome, and needed.

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