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I’ve attached two examples from Card Index ("F-Card”) F-13 that Dave mentioned. Virtually all of the F-Cards for Southern railway freight cars and passenger cars (P-Cards) are in the SRHA archives. As you can see from David’s research, they are the “Rosetta Stone” for using the rolling stock drawings.

F-13 is somewhat unusual because it includes drawings for three different series of cars using the same basic design. As he mentioned, SF-1013 is shown for cars 13100 to 14099. (Most drawings do not specify the cars they illustrate, the Card Lists are invaluable.)

Card lists are typically about seven pages using a standard form for all types of cars. Thus blank entries are not missing drawings, that item is not used on the Card’s car. The form changed from the wooden to steel car eras.


PS We have been thinking about doing an on-line presentation of drawings and many other topics. Without help getting things like that done, guessing at a schedule is not possible.

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Hi Ike,

SF-1013 is the Haskell & Barker built version of the 30 Ton Standard Boxcar shown on SF-1002. SF-1013 is referenced on F Card F-13, Column A, as the general arrangement drawing for SR box cars numbered 13100 to 14099. From my research among the aperture cards, the SRHA has almost every part drawing for one of these cars. These have already been scanned, and should be on the hard drive of the main archives computer.

I used general arrangement SF-1002, which you very kindly gave me access to several years ago, along with Card F-15, column A, to create my AutoCAD drawings of one of these cars, namely AC&F built car #15873, from which I based by F scale kit. I am now working up a SolidWorks version of the same for a much improved, and more detailed, 1/20th scale kit.

I should add that the main differences between the Haskell & Barker car and the AC&F version are the cast steel body bolster and draft rigging that H&B used, necessitating different spacing of the intermediate sills. H&B also omitted the Jones door hardware and most likely the sheet metal hood covering the door track in favor of their own hardware, for which the SRHA has a part drawing.

Here are pics of two of these cars:

<SR 15873 Wooden Boxcar (1).jpg>

<SR 183318(crop).jpeg>


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