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George Eichelberger

The re-construction of Inman is interesting because it was such a large project that involved a lot of rock and earth moving in addition to the construction of the welded rail and turnout plants. To speed construction, track panels were assembled and carried to the yard tracks by “master” and “drone” track cars and a semi-truck adapted for laying panels.


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Thanks Ike,

That early picture is interesting.

I agree that the construction of Norris Yard, and the rebuilding of Inman Yard would be interesting topics. I seem to recall that Inman had tracks added and the earlier rider hump was converted to a flat yard after WWII, before the automatic hump was built in the mid-fifties.

Jack Wyatt

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There is a large file on Norris Yard in the archives (the Norris track layout is a 45MB file). There, and Inman’s reconstruction are would be good articles in TIES.

There is also quite a bit of material on Ferguson Shops (note attached) and of course Terminal Station…In fact “Birmingham” is ready for some serious research and writing.


PS Archives work session is about 10 days away.

<Ferguson Shops Roundhouse 1912.jpeg>

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I have some aerial photos showing the grading for Norris Yard at Irondale AL east of Birmingham.

I am curious what the timeframe for the construction of Norris Yard was.

Appreciate it!

Jack Wyatt

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