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Carl Ardrey

AGS crews (south end) backed in and backed out at terminal station.   East End crews (and AGS North) headed in and headed out.

On 10/08/2021 7:47 PM C J Wyatt <cjwyatt@...> wrote:
Ike, I don't think that I need to look at the contracts. I just am hoping that  someone who spent time around there who can tell me how the trains got in and out.
On Friday, October 8, 2021, 08:43:13 PM EDT, George Eichelberger <geichelberger@...> wrote:
There are quite a few contracts, and Presidents’ files on Birmingham Term  Sta. I cannot quote their contents but Contract No 632 (we have more than 1,100) may have what you are looking for?
Here’s the cover..

On Oct 8, 2021, at 8:32 PM, C J Wyatt < cjwyatt@...> wrote:

I am curious how the through passenger train services accessed Birmingham Terminal Station. For instance, for the SLSF - Southern services, I would think that Frisco arrived and departed the north end and the connecting Southern trains used the south end, so those trains were essentially a through operation. What about Southern's own through trains such as The Southerner and the Pelican. Did they head-in/back-out or back-in/head-out of the south end, or did they use different lines on the way in than the way out so that those trains could operate through? What about the Illinois Central - Central of Georgia through trains?

I appreciate any help with this topic.

Jack Wyatt  

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