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Jason Greene

Try this out. It’s a rough drawing I just drew up for you. 
Frisco to and from Memphis to the North. 
IC came in on trackage rights on Frisco. 
Southern to Columbus, MS (old Georgia Pacific) and Sheffield, AL (North Alabama line) to the North. 
AGS thru the wye to Meridian and Chattanooga. 
CG thru the wye to Birmingham. Crossing AGS. 
SAL to Atlanta thru the wye and crossing AGS. 
Southern from Atlanta used the AGS line from Irondale. 

L&N did not go to Terminal but crossed the wye. Sloss also crossed the wye and the AGS had a yard inside the wye to serve downtown industries like Sloss. 

IC, ABC, and SAL jointly owned the Birmingham Terminal which crossed under the AGS and L&N down near Union Station and 14th st to get to the SAL yard two blocks south of where the SAL crossed the AGS to access Terminal Station. 

The other industrial lines also had trackage in the area. Plus the street car system. Birmingham was a spaghetti bowl of rail at its height. 

Jason Greene 

On Oct 8, 2021, at 8:32 PM, C J Wyatt <cjwyatt@...> wrote:

I am curious how the through passenger train services accessed Birmingham Terminal Station. For instance, for the SLSF - Southern services, I would think that Frisco arrived and departed the north end and the connecting Southern trains used the south end, so those trains were essentially a through operation. What about Southern's own through trains such as The Southerner and the Pelican. Did they head-in/back-out or back-in/head-out of the south end, or did they use different lines on the way in than the way out so that those trains could operate through? What about the Illinois Central - Central of Georgia through trains?

I appreciate any help with this topic.

Jack Wyatt  

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